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RFID Cards & Lift Gate Access FAQ’s

Beginning this winter, daily and seasonal passes will be loaded onto a reusable media card containing RFID microchip technology.



RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification Device. Each of our new RFID cards contains a unique microchip that holds information pertaining to your daily or season pass Your card is automatically read when you approach the access gates at each of our 8 lifts. As soon as it is validated, the gate will automatically open.


To improve your experience here at Mohawk Mountain. With RFID cards there is no more fussing around with gloves in order to present your pass to an operator for verification. Once you approach the lift access gates, they are automatically read and validated. They can be kept and read right through a zipped pocket of your jacket. Also, RFID cards eliminate the need to stand in line to purchase or pick up your pass. Once you purchase your RFID card online, you simply pick it up during your first visit to the mountain at one of our four conveniently located pick up boxes. Keep it with you the rest of the season and reload it at any time online or with a customer service staff member window. Of course, when you buy online, you get the convenience to go straight to the lift from your car. You’re welcome!




What does a Mohawk Mountain RFID card look like?

It is the size of a credit card. While your RFID card look does look slightly different than your old season pass and certainly the daily lift tickets, the real difference is what’s inside. Each card has an embedded antenna and serialized microchip which registers with the access gate when you approach the lift.


Will RFID cards replace the beloved wicket & paper ticket?

Sadly, yes…it’s the end of era. All passes, daily and seasonal will look like the RFID card mentioned above, and once you have your RFID card there is no need for you to go to a window again.


How does Mohawk Mountain know my RFID card belongs to me?

When purchasing your season pass, you are required to upload a quality headshot image at checkout. Each customer profile is assigned to a media card using a serial number. All passes are non-transferable.


Where should I carry my RFID card?

For most people, you should carry your RFID card in a pant or jacket pocket. Taller or shorter people may want to wear their RFID card a little lower or higher, so that it passes between the reader panels at each gate. Be sure to keep your RFID card in a pocket by itself, separate from any metallic or foil items that disrupt readability, such as cell phones, chargers, mp3 players, cold medicine packets, etc. Please note, you should not carry multiple Mohawk Mountain RFID cards or RFID cards from other resorts as this affects their readability and may cause the wrong ticket or pass to be read.


Can I carry multiple RFID card through the access gates, such as my child’s card?

No. Please only carry YOUR card. Carrying multiple RFID cards can affect their readability.


What information is stored my RFID card?

The microchip in your RFID card contains a unique serial number called a WTP number for Wireless Transaction Protocol. This WTP number is associated with the pass you buy. No personal information is stored on the RFID card, but the WTP number does relate to your customer account if you have a season pass or a daily pass.


Why the switch to RFID cards and access gate technology?

The most important reason is to improve your experience at Mohawk Mountain. RFID cards give you hands-free access to our lifts, so you don’t need to gather your pass or ticket for validation each time you use a lift. Also, once you have your RFID card, you can purchase additional day passes online whenever you want to visit us.


Will my RFID card interfere with other RFID products?

No. The unique WTP serial number embedded in the microchip of your RFID card is specifically registered to Mohawk Mountain. Because your card can only be used at Mohawk Mountain, it does not affect the performance of any other RFID products or passes you might have.


Are there any health concerns associated with RFID technology?

No. Mohawk Mountain has selected to use passive RFID technology from a global access control vendor. Passive RFID cards do not radiate any electromagnetic energy on their own. They simply ‘power up’ to read/write data whenever they pass through the access gates here.


Can I punch a hole in my RFID card to attach it to a lanyard?

No. You must never punch a hole in your RFID card as this destroys the operability of the embedded antenna and microchip. If you want to wear your RFID card around your neck, please place it in a vinyl card holder and attach it to a breakaway lanyard.


Can magnets destroy my RFID card?

No. The information stored on the microchip of your RFID card is not affected by magnetic fields.


Can my RFID card survive going through the laundry?

Probably. RFID cards are designed to survive normal wear and tear for years, including going through the wash. However, the silver stripe where we print the WTP number for your card is thermally activated and it can be affected by extreme heat. If this occurs and you cannot read the WTP number on your card, you must purchase a new media for $5.


Will RFID technology interfere with my other wireless technology?

No. The radio frequencies used by all manner of electromagnetic devices are specifically assigned by federal and international regulatory agencies to help ensure that no interference occurs.


What do I do if I lose or forget to bring my RFID card to the mountain?

Notify Customer Service at Mohawk Mountain immediately! We will deactivate your RFID card so it cannot be used by anyone else. If you need to get a new RFID card, you will be charged $5 for a replacement fee. Please remember to hold onto your card in order to reuse it season to season.


If you have any further questions about RFID cards, please call us at (860) 672-6100