Snowshoers, Skinners, Uphillers

Mohawk Mountain UPHILL POLICY

Why have we developed an UPHILL Policy?

Snowsports continue to evolve, and we have experienced a significant increase in the number of guests who skin, snowshoe, trek or simply walk on the terrain.  These individuals may not be aware of the laws that affect them, or their responsibilities under those laws.  Connecticut General Statute Statutes 29-201-e, 29-212-1, 2 and 29-213 define each individual as a skier, regardless of their equipment or method of travel up the hill, if they are travelling on the prepared surface of the ski area.

Are uphillers welcome at Mohawk Mountain?

Yes. Our goal is to minimize the risk of injury to all our guests by making uphillers aware of the inherent dangers of skiing, and what our policies are regarding appropriate conduct, trail utilization, and ski area rules and regulations.

Are uphillers held to the same rules as skiers?

Yes.  Uphillers must be familiar with and adopt the practices detailed in “Your Responibility Code”, the nationally accepted code of conduct for skiers and snowboarders, as well as adhere to Mohawk Mountain’s uphill policy.  Uphillers cannot travel into closed areas, and must observe all trail signs and marked areas.  Certain trails are off-limits to uphillers, like Deer Run and Chute, as they are too narrow to accommodate an uphiller lane. Ski Patrol has authority over all mountain guests, including uphillers.

Do uphillers need a lift ticket?

No. Uphillers do not need to purchase a lift ticket.

Do we have dedicated uphill terrain?

No.  Uphillers are sharing terrain with skiers, snowboarders, etc. and we hold then to the same level of responsibility as far as being aware of your surroundings, not obstructing trails, being respectful and courteous to other guests, etc.


Mohawk Mountain has the right, and the responsibility, to establish rules regarding the responsible use of public lands.  This is a national trend, and many other areas, located on either federal or state land, have developed programs for their resorts.  Our goal is to be as welcoming as possible while simultaneously educating our uphill guests as to the risks and their responsibilities.


effective March 2014 - subject to revision at any time.