Try It BEFORE You Buy it!

Looking for new skis this season? Mohawk Mountain is the only place to go, if you are hoping to buy with confidence. Our special selection of skis are winners across the board – winners in Editor’s Picks and Buying Guides for 2015-2016!

At Mohawk, you have the opportunity to actually ski on the equipment before you make your decision – we have brought in a full size run of each of our skis to demo.  Scroll down to see our unique selection of skis.  (Your demo fee is for skis only - it does not inlcude a boot rental.  Boot only rentals are available in our rental shop for an additional fee. We also have a great selection of boots available for purchase, but we do not demo ski boots.)

Take advantage of the TRY IT BEFORE YOU BUY IT demo opportunity by visiting our new retail shop, MMS Outfitters (now located in the lower level of the lodge). Your $67.00 demo fee allows you to try as many skis in our retail offerings as you are interested in purchasing.  If you make your purchase the same day we’ll apply the $67.00 fee to your purchase!



Rossignol Experience 88: 

This is a ski with a lot of personality.  At 88mm under foot, there is plenty of ski to handle anything the east coast can throw at you (as well as anything you might encounter on your trips out west), yet it has the torsional rigidity and edge hold of a much narrower ski.  The E88s feels strong and stable at higher speeds and while not as lively as some, they carry plenty of energy from turn to turn.

This is a ski that does require skier skill to get the most out of it and we recommend it to intermediate to advanced level skiers.  The E88 is a great option as a do it all ski you can take with you anywhere.

Rossignol Experience 84:  

The Experience 84 could be considered the E88’s little brother, but that would not really do it justice.  These skis have a feel all to themselves.  They are very lively and playful turn to turn with a silky smooth flex pattern.  The E84s feel softer than the E88s and take a little less effort to ski, but they give nothing up at higher speed stability. 

The E84 is an excellent ski for beginner-intermediate skiers, but it will also perform at the highest levels for advanced skiers as well.  You will get out what you put into this ski.  Members of the national ski team were spotted free skiing these last spring and having a blast!


Blizzard Brahma:

WOW!  The Blizzard Brahma is a truly stand out ski for the 2014/2015 season.  This truly is a go anywhere, do anything ski.  On hard pack and ice it has much more edge grip and power than any ski with tip and tall rocker has any right to.  And yet because of the tip and tail rocker, it turns like a much shorter ski.  Yet where the Brahma is a true stand out is when the trail gets covered with fresh, broken, or crud snow.  Give it a chance with broken snow and you will feel the confidence this ski will give you.

Though it is a little more off piste oriented than Rosignol’s E88, the Brahma does take some extra effort to ski like the E88 and we recommend this ski to advanced-intermediate skiers and above. 

Blizzard Latigo:

This ski is a lot like the Brahma.  In fact, the Latigo is in many ways simply a narrower version of the Brahma.   It tends to be a little easier to ski, but lacks nothing in power or edge hold.  We found this ski to be very playful and fun to ski on.  The subtle early rise in the tip and the tail (like the Brahma) is noticeable only in making the longer versions of this ski feel shorter while smearing turns and yet manage to retain full edge contact and power when put on high edge angles. Where the brahma was an adrenaline rush, the Latigo was just plain fun and will put a smile on your face. 

Because the Latigo is a little narrower, it is a little more front side/ on piste oriented than the Brahma, but you could not ask for an easier turning ski that still retains power and versatility.  This is a great ski for beginner-intermediates to advanced skiers.


Blizzard Cheyenne:

The Cheyenne is the Women’s counterpart to the Latigo.  Like the Latigo, it has subtle early rise in the tip and the tail, giving it wonderful maneuverability without losing edge hold while carving.  Because this ski has the same width as the Latigo (78mm underfoot), and yet will be holding lighter skiers, it may even be more versatile than the Latigo.  You will want to take the Cheyenne everywhere you go and won’t be disappointed wherever you are.

We can recommend this ski for intermediate to advanced skiers looking for a one ski does it all. 

Blizzard Black Pearl:  The ski enthusiast’s all mountain champion is back again with new graphics and the same all do it all additude that made this a skiers pick across the country.  What more can we say about a ski that everyone from the northwest, to the central Rockies, to the woods of New England has been raving about.  The women’s specific incarnation of the Brahma is a ski unto its own with power and stability to spare.

Nordica Belle to Belle:

The Belle to Belle is Nordica’s take on an all mountain Women’s ski.  At 78mm underfoot it is more akin to a front side ski in dimensions, yet has strong all mountain characteristics.  Nordica has included early rise and a tapered tip and tail, which give it better response in fresh and chopped powder.  This combination has created a ski that is not overly demanding to ski, yet has significant versatility.

Recommended for beginner-advanced skiers.

Nordica NRGy 90 (yellow) & 80 (green):  Nordica’s brand new ERGy series ski is an all mountain master.  At 80mm and 90mm underfoot, these skis will give you all the freedom and versatility you need no matter where you are.  These skis are light and nimble and you can see why right through the top sheet.  The metal layer is specifically cut to reduce weight and soften the ski longitudinally without sacrificing torsional rigidity.  The result: an easy ski to bend without losing the performance of your everyday soft ski.









Head Supershape:

This ski is the latest incarnation of the well loved and long lived SuperShape name.  The i.Titan has some of the most technologically advanced skis with the addition of piezo electric fibers and a KERS chip embedded in the ski.  The ski actually turns vibrations from the hill into increased ski stiffness and stability.


The men’s or unisex version of the brilliant Insomnia Fusion, Elan has put all of their design knowhow into the development of this amphibio series ski.  Elan has managed to make a ski that is both smooth and easy to ski when you want to cruise, and yet is still a high performance carver when asked to perform.


Elan positions their Amphibio skis as the best skis they can build and the 84Xti certainly skis like it.  Incorporating construction found in the 16Ti2, carbon and titanium layers, and one of the most versatile waist widths (84mm), the 84Xti proves to be an all conditions, all mountain killer.

Elan Insomnia:

Elan has taken women specific skis to the next level with this all mountain front side carver.  The insomnia features Elan’s Amphibio and 4D technology, making the skis asymmetric at the tip to take advantage of the best of both camber and rocker.  All this gives you a powerful high performance ski with silky smooth turns.