Frequently Asked Questions: Season Passes

What kind of pass should I buy?

That depends on your age, how many times you plan on skiing, and when.

Season Passes come in 4 classifications:

·         Adult – for age 16 years and older. 

·         Junior – for age 6 years to 15 years.

·         Child – age 4 years and younger.

·         Senior – age 65 years and older.

     Season Passes also come in several types:

·         Anytime – is good on every lift, and every carpet,  anytime Mohawk Mountain is open.

·         Night – is valid Monday through Saturday from 4:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Night passes are not valid on Sundays.

·         Midweek – is valid from open to close (9:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.) Monday through Friday. Midweek passes are not valid on Saturday or Sunday.


I used to get an extra discount for buying a whole bunch of passes at the same time. Can I still do that? We no longer offer an extra discount for multiple pass purchases.  We decided instead to hold the line on pass prices, and maintain our extremely generous early season pass discounts. More of our customers are able to benefit from those types of discount structures than a discount based on buying multiple units.

I plan on skiing 10 times this season.  Should I get a season pass?

Generally speaking, if you plan on visiting Mohawk Mountain 8 or more times in a given season, purchasing a season pass will save you money. Additionally, many people find they ski or snowboard even more than they had originally planned, and got even greater value from their investment. Finally, the convenience of having a season pass cannot be overlooked. No waiting, no standing in lines – season pass holders park and are on the lifts inside of 5 minutes! What could be better than that?

Do you offer discounts on tickets?

Mohawk Mountain offers a discounted 6-pack for individuals who are planning multiple visits, but not enough to warrant a season pass purchase. 6 Packs are six of the same ticket – 6 adult weekend/holiday 8 hour tickets for example – that are packaged and sold at the price of 5. You actually get one ticket FREE! 6 Packs are available only for our most popular tickets – adult, junior and child 8 hour weekend/holiday tickets.

6 Packs can be used for a group, a family, or as a single skier or boarder over the course of the season. The value of the tickets never expire, so there is no loss in investment if you don’t get to use them all in any given season. 6 packs must be ordered in advance, and require 24 hours to process. They can be mailed, or picked up in the Main Office at the lodge at Mohawk Mountain.

6 Pack Prices

Adult – Weekend/Holiday -  $62.00/ticket. 6 Pack price $330.00

Junior – 8 Weekend/Holiday -  $54.00/ticket. 6 Pack price $300.00

Child (age 4 and under) – Weekend/Holiday -  $15.00/ticket. 6 Pack price $75.00


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