Mohawk Money

Mohawk Money is Mohawk Mountain’s answer to your requests: for gift cards, for flexibility, and for fun! Mohawk Money is a unique gift card/debit card system that allows purchasers to preload any amount of money on a magnetically coded card, allowing for convenient purchasing whenever you are at Mohawk Mountain.

Mohawk Money Cards are easy to purchase:

  • Express Lineyou can purchase them online through EXPRESS LINE.
  • by phone by calling our office at 1-800-895-5222 or 860.672.6100.
  • in person when visiting Mohawk Mountain.

Mohawk Money Cards are easy to use to purchase:

Order your Mohawk Money Cards today – they make a great gift, and the value never expires!  Cards can be reloaded when balances run low by simply visiting our office.  Call our office at 860.672.6100 for more information.