Mohawk Money

Mohawk Money is Mohawk Mountain’s answer to your requests: for gift cards, for flexibility, and for fun! Mohawk Money is a unique gift card/debit card system that allows purchasers to preload any amount of money on a magnetically coded card, allowing for convenient purchasing whenever you are at Mohawk Mountain.

Mohawk Money Cards are easy to purchase:

  • Express Lineyou can purchase them online through EXPRESS LINE.
  • by phone by calling our office at 860.672.6100.
  • in person when visiting Mohawk Mountain.

Mohawk Money Cards are easy to use to purchase:

Order your Mohawk Money Cards today – they make a great gift, and the value never expires!  Cards can be reloaded when balances run low by simply visiting our office.  Call our office at 860.672.6100 for more information.

MOHAWK MONEYLoad your Mohawk Money Card Kid's LessonsSnowhawks, SHRED and more!
$ Saving PackagesLift Ticket/Lesson/Rental Included!