November 29 Update

Dear Race Team Families:

We hope you had a restful holiday break because Mohawk Mountain is targeting December 12th as opening day!
With only a couple of weeks to go before we hit the snow, we’ve planned a variety of dry land training activities for next weekend.
Starting at 9:30 am on Saturday December 5 until about 2:00 pm, racers will meet their coaches and then get busy! We expect to play a little parking lot soccer; activate racers’ fast twitch muscles with a few ski-specific exercises; work on balance and flexibility by practicing yoga; and perhaps watch a few inspirational Mikeala Shiffrin videos. Coaches will be available to check equipment and answer any questions you might have for the season. If you are a U14 or above, please have your helmet handy to make sure you are compliant for this season. We’ll reconvene again Sunday at 9:30 and begin the day with a discussion on training logs then continue with two or three more dry land activities. 
Camp registration is live! The cost will be $215.00 for three days of training Dec. 31, 31, and Jan 1 (Wed, Thur, Fri) from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm with an hour lunch break. You can find registrations online at
You’ll notice on the Race Team calendar, we allotted two days, December 19-20, for coach training and we’ve brought aboard PSIA Coach Eric Lipton to lead the exercises. Eric Lipton is a two-term member of the PSIA National Alpine Team and an Eastern Division Education Staff examiner. Eric spent summers coaching racers at Mt. Hood, Oregon and in Portillo, Chile. Eric also works as a staff trainer and instructor at Blue Mt, PA and Beaver Creek, CO. He has been a featured instructor on RSN Outdoor Television and is a featured skier in the film Imagine.
Building a strong foundation in fundamentals is critical in ski racing…and also in ski coaching. Focused training for our coaches will bolster their overall racing knowledge, improve their technical knowhow, and enhance what they already know. This translates directly to fostering smarter racers on the slope and more competitive racers in the gates! Moreover, it’s always good to be a student in order to teach; it’s how teachers develop deeper empathy for their students.
And simultaneously, while the coaches are busy being students, racers will temporarily become coaches. What this mean is that senior racers will run practice under the supervision of adult coaches from other divisions, a fantastic learning opportunity and a way for racers to discover what it’s like to be a coach. Plus, it will be fun! And fun translates to learning when it comes our Alpine Race Team. Additionally, senior racers, in order to teach a skill, will have to carefully consider, explain, and demonstrate that skill, which can only reinforce what they know and/or teach themselves something new in the process. The younger racers, simultaneously, can develop skills from a fresh perspective and quite possibly gain a new mentor while doing so. Skills and exercises will be based around the SkillQuest drills and will be a great way for athletes to get their feet back under them.
U8-U14 Racers: Don’t forget to register for CYSL, available on their new, super easy to navigate website After December 1st they will administer a late fee. Let us know if you have any questions.
You can find copies of these emails on the Race Team page under the “News” drop down section on the main Mohawk Mountain website. The most current email will be in the left column and previous emails will be in the right column. We will be adding more content soon, as the season gains momentum, including photographs and on hill updates.


p.s. Think Snow!