SNOWHAWKS Children's Programs

The Snowsports Discovery Center at Mohawk Mountain offers the highest quality instruction in skiing and snowboarding.  SNOWHAWKS, our specially developed programming for kids ages 13 and under, is designed to improve your child’s skills, challenge them, and instill a life-long love of and respect for the snow sports.  We offer learning opportunities for a variety of ages and abilities.


Use of lifts is an integral part of skiing and not without risk.  You or your children may use lifts alone, with other participants or with an instructor.  Learning to use a lift is part of the training curriculum.  Using lifts is dependent on size and skill level.  Children remain in Snow Hawks learning areas until they can use lifts independently.

Children's Program


MINI SLYDERS (Skiers ages 5 thru 9),  MINI RYDERS (Snowboarders ages 6 thru 9), RYDERS (Boarders ages 10-13) and SLYDERS (Skiers ages 10-13):

(Have a three or four year old? Click Here!)


Two Hour Lesson Sessions:
Saturday & Sunday and Holidays ( Holiday periods are 12/22/14-1/4/15, 1/19/15, 2/13/15-2/22/15)


  • Morning session 10:00 to 12:00, Afternoon Session 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm (starts January 2015)
  • Both sessions accept all skill levels for skiers and snowboarders

$84.00 -  All Mountain Unlimited Lift Ticket and Snowhawk Lesson (Midweek, non-holiday: $75.00)
$99.00 - All Mountain Unlimited Lift Ticket, Snowhawk Lesson and rental equipment package

$45.00 - Snowhawks lesson only ( for season passholders - you must have an all mountain lift ticket or season pass to participate in a Snowhawks lesson.)

Snowhawks is a super program for children ages five to thirteen  years old.  MINI SLYDERS and MINI RYDERS  teach skiing and snowboarding skills using age-appropriate techniques.  We incorporate FUN into every lesson! Snowhawks begins the weekend of Christmas and is available every weekend including holidays. Snowhawks is also available on weekdays at 10:00 a.m., starting in January 2015.

Ryders and Slyders is the next step in the Snowhawks progression, geared towards children ten to thirteen years of age. We bring your skier or snowboarder to the next level, skillwise!

15 minutes prior to lesson time, participants in Mini Slyders, Mini Ryders, Ryders and Slyders should gather in the HAWKS NEST, just left of the Snowsports Discovery Center Meeting Place. The instructors in both programs are specially trained to make your child’s day at Mohawk Mountain an enjoyable one. Their priority is to accommodate each student’s needs, interests and abilities. After the session, children are dismissed in the Hawk’s Nest. We encourage parents to meet with their child’s instructor to discuss their needs and progression. Our aim is to get your child comfortable on the snow and excited to come back and hit the slopes!

You can save time by pre-registering for Snowhawks programs by purchasing online through EXPRESS LINE, our online store.  Required waivers and rental agreement forms will  be completed upon your arrival at Mohawk Mountain. All waivers and agreement forms will require a parent/guardian signature.Express Line

All preregistration must be completed online through Express Line by at least 4 pm the day before your program of choice in order for us to process your request.
For preregistered students, we recommend arriving at least an hour prior to  the lesson time to ensure your child will be on time for their lesson.

Only private lessons can be booked over the phone.

PARENT & TOTS (3-4 Year Old Program)

One of the great joys in life is introducing your child to something you love…and skiing is no exception! The Snowsports Discovery Center has developed a special learning opportunity for parents and three to four-year old children to share. To participate, you must be an all-mountain skier.  Skilled instructors from the Snowsports Discovery Center at Mohawk Mountain will instruct parents in tips and techniques for introducing very young children to a lifetime of healthy activity through skiing. Ski safely with your child as they learn how to make their first skiing turns and take their first lift ride. Parent-Tot lessons are offered weekends and holidays on the following schedule: 1:30-2:30 p.m.  Parent-Tot is also offered on Wednesdays at 10:30 a.m.

You may purchase your Parent-Tot program as a standalone lesson, bundled with Nutmeg Lift tickets for parent and child, or bundled with Nutmeg lift tickets and a child rental. You can upgrade your Nutmeg ticket to an all-mountain ticket at any time.


Parent-Tot Lesson only:  $45.00 (appropriate for season-pass holders or individuals who already have lift tickets)

Lesson and Nutmeg Lift tickets for Adult & Child: $75.00

Lesson, Nutmeg Lift tickets and a child rental: $90.00

Parent-Tot programs are very popular, and have limited space ( maximum 5 skiing parents/5 children per session). Registration can be done online or in person at any of the customer service stations in the lower level of the Main Lodge.

Please arrive at least one hour before your scheduled lesson time. The lesson starts promptly at 10:30 or 1:30. If you are late, you risk forfeiting your spot due to popularity of the program. (The skiing parent must be able to ski intermediate terrain or you will forfeit your spot in the program.)